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  • Mending our Past: Finding the Road Back to God: with YASMIN MOGAHED (USA): JOHANNESBURG!

    Past Course Short-Term
    short term
    Date: 15/Jul/17
    from 10:30AM to 14:30PM
    Venue: Palm Continental Hotel
    Open to Sisters Only

    All enrolment is to take place via the Green Enroll Online Tab. Please simply click and proceed. No payments are taken over the phone. (Extra £1.50 online charge applies; all Debit/Credit Cards are accepted. Paypal account isn't required for payment. Option is there to simply pay by card)



    Mending our Past: Finding the Road Back to God: with YASMIN MOGAHED (USA): Johannesburg




    No matter who you are, the door of Allah always remains open.



    Exclusive NEW Seminar taught for the 1st Time EVER in JOHANNESBURG by Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed, One of the Most Influential Muslim Women in the World!



    When we are in a situation that is painful, we seek a way to change it. First we look outside. We look to the creation. We look to the means. When they all fail, we look inward. We look to changing ourselves by mending our relationship with the Creator and we mend the relationship with the creation for His sake.





    Special Guest of Honour:


    Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed (USA)




    Price: £20, approx 345-35o SAR (£25 after the 3rd July 2017)


    *Strictly no children under 7, over 7 full price applies*


    Date: Saturday 15th July 2017



    Time: 10:30am-14:30pm (Doors open from 9am for registration)



    Venue: Palm Continental Hotel, 13 Church Street, Mayfair, Johannesburg, 2092



    SPECIAL Additions on the day:



    1) Live Interview with Yasmin Mogahed (USA) titled: My Journey in Life so far 


    2) Exclusive Book Signing of Reclaim Your Heart and also Yasmin Mogahed’s NEW Book: Love & Happiness: Purchase both copies on the day and have signed directly!


    3) Meet and Greet Opportunity.


    4) Dedicated Questions and Answers Session





    For more info and to enrol, please visit: www.alburujpress.com



    'One of the best Muslim inspirational speakers and writers of the 21st Century!'


    Listen to an extract of one of her most touching and inspiring talks as a taster of what's to come!






    * No Refunds accepted on any form of cancellation request 14 days before the event. Tickets which are brought within 14 days of the event are non refundable.*

    This course will be taught by Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed (USA)
    Venue Address:
    Palm Continental Hotel
    13 Church Street, Mayfair