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Long-Term Courses

  • Fallen Empire: Heraclius: Emperor of Roman Byzantine: FREE Seminar taught by Shaykh Hasib Noor (USA/Medina)

    Free Entry | Start: 22/02/19 - Finish: 22/02/19
    A Roman emperor was born the same year our Prophet Muhammad peace be on him was. He became a King around the same time our Prophet became a Prophet. His rise to power was even prophesized in the Quran, surah 30 AlRum, The Romans. Our Prophet sent him letters of invitation to Islam and if he had accepted, one of the most powerful nations in the world could have accepted Islam following him. Join us in learning lessons from one of the most tragic epics in time - Fallen Empire: Heraclius - Emperor of Roman Byzantine

Short-Term Courses

  • MANCHESTER: DON’T BE SAD: Dealing with Pitfalls on the Path to God: Taught for the 1st Time!

    short term
    £21.96 | Start: 29/03/19 - Finish: 29/03/19
    A believer *does* get sad sometimes. Even Prophets felt sadness. Prophet Yaqoob (AS) cried until he went blind and complained of his *sadness* to Allah. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) experienced the year of sadness when he lost his beloved wife and uncle. Sadness is part of being human and living a human experience. Iman (faith) is not an antidote against being human. Iman won't protect you from some times of sadness. But iman *will* give you tools to fight despair and hopelessness. A believer in pain acknowledges his/her grief (as Prophet Ayoub AS did).