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  • Gateway to Sharia: Studying the Classical Texts of Islam: NEW Students are being Accepted!

    £270.00 | Start: 03/01/15 - Finish: 07/03/15
    Al Buruj Press started the Gateway to Sharia (3 year monthly course in London) last November 2013 with the sole objective to prepare the next thinkers and speakers of tomorrow. The course taught by Shaykh Mohammad Akram Nadwi himself, also consists of regular exams and monthly essay submissions. Students in their 1st year now, have found this to be one of the most long term beneficial courses to be available. We do not accept students via online as the sole objective of the course is for the student to be present in front of the Shaykh while the knowledge is disseminated, following the traditional way which knowledge was transmitted. Gateway to Sharia Year 2 will also accept NEW students to take the year course which is below. Look at the course below and from the things we promise, it will open you up to the world of scholarship!

Short-Term Courses

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